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Straight Heat Shrink Boot, Bottle Shape, Ribbed

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Straight Heat Shrink Boot, Bottle Shape, Ribbed

Black Polyolefin Cross Linked Material

Rib Designed for MIL Circular Backshells

Operating Temperature -70°C to +150°C

360° Environmental Sealing and Strain Relief

Eyelet for Dust Cap fastening point

Alternative Shapes, Angles and Colour options available on Request

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TELASON Heat Shrinkable Boots are a molded boot that forms an environmental seal between the backshell and the cable. This helps to protect the cable from corrosion and mechanical wear whilst providing strain relief to the cable assembly.

TEALSON Heat Shrink Boots a designed with a rib that seats into the Shrink Boot Grove on all MIL Circular Backshells. Once even heat is applied using a Heat Gun, the boot rib shrinks down into the grove and secures around the cable to provide a watertight seal.

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