TELASON is a specialist manufacturer of Backshell Adaptors and Accessories.

Having a sole focus on Backshells and Accessories, TELASON defines itself by having a selective product group with a dedicated manufacturing resource that is not distracted by other connector lines or components. We only make Backshells!

Positioned To Respond

With manufacturing capability in both Europe and North America, TELASON brings the best industry knowledge and technology together locally. This provides a strategically centralised distribution hub for each continent, ensuring fast delivery to all our global customers.

Ready To Deliver

At TELASON we are all about product availability, with over 200 standard line items held in stock and maximum lead times of 5 weeks for large quantity orders. You can now plan and order with confidence, knowing your Backshells will be delivered in full and on time, every time.

Your Reliable Partner

TELASON is your direct channel partner. Private ownership means that we are directly connected to our customers and their needs, enabling faster response times and flexibility at all levels of the organisation.

This collaboration ensures we can provide both engineering and commercial support in real time to give you up-to-date information and products, direct from the factory.

Customer Driven

We are dedicated to helping you get what you want, whether it is a competitive price, help with a part you want to cross over, or a custom design required for a specific purpose, TELASON delivers flexibility, reliability and speed to market.

We work to create partnerships with our customers, so let’s start a conversation and show you how TELASON will help you to deliver better.

Have some more questions? Call or Email us and we’ll respond within 24 hours.