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Micro Banding Strap / Termination Band / Flat

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Micro Banding Strap / Termination Band / Flat

Packet of 100 pieces
Accommodates diameter up to 1.8 inches (48.00mm)
Width 0.115 inches (3.00mm)
High Grade Stainless Steel
Single piece material formed part
Strong and Reliable
Compatible with these tools- A30199 / DBS-1201 / 600-061
Available in standard length 370 mm
Custom lengths on request

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The Micro Banding Strap or Termination Band is a Flat Stainless Steel band used to clamp EMI/RFI Shield Screen securely onto the backshells banding platform. These precision designed dual wrap bands ensure a 360° even clamping force for diameters up to 1.8 inches (48.00mm).

This series offer a reliable and cost effective way of securing braid material quickly to a Banding Backshell.

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Micro Termination Band Datasheet | Micro Termination Band Datasheet |



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